TEMS- The Emissions Management System

The TEMS technology will have wide application for use at existing industrial facilities that emit CO2 as a combustion gas.  The base design will capture and convert 100,000 tonnes CO2 per annum at an existing facility.  The demonstration model will reduce GHG emission at an existing facility by 1 megatonne of CO2 after approximately 10-years of operation.  The scalability of the TEMS design will allow for 1 megatonne or more capture per year per facility.
Indirectly the TEMS technology will offset energy intensive production of resulting in additional GHG reductions and provision of lower carbon footprint products to markets. Additionally, the production of Potassium Carbonate becomes the key driver for financial performance as this product is marketable to other industries.
The TEMS technology is extremely versatile and can be used at virtually any industrial facility with flue gas emissions containing CO2.  While the base design anticipates capturing and converting 100,000 tonnes CO2 per annum, the TEMS technology is fully scalable to match the targeted facility and desired emission reduction rates.
Our economic modeling demonstrates that the TEMS technology will be cost effective, particularly in jurisdictions such as Alberta which allow for the generation of saleable carbon credits.  Assuming the current “price of carbon” in Alberta of $30 per tonne of CO2e, the capital required for the base design will be recovered after approximately 5 years of operation.  The economics of the TEMS technology is substantially more robust than more traditional carbon capture and storage technologies in terms of both capital and operational costs.
The application of the process does not require the development of special devices as the required components are industry proven technology and market standard. This process may be used for any industrial source of CO2.

Opportunity and Potential:
The primary product resulting from the TEMS process is Potassium Carbonate. Potassium carbonate is a safe, stable product of the TEMS process that is a stock product for many industrial applications including:
*   Soil conditioning
*  Fertilizer
*  Glass production
*  Fire suppression

Ideally, TEMS will locate its demonstration facility at a CO2 emitting source that is in proximity to an industrial operation that Produces Potassium Hydroxide and/or requires the Potassium Carbonate product.  Multiple locations within the Alberta Industrial Heartland area may present an ideal opportunities for the first commercial scale development of the TEMS technology.

The TEMS technology is originally envisioned for application and implementation in Alberta, Canada but is equally suitable for any facility globally.  The stock equipment and instrumentation required are readily available in Alberta as they are currently employed in many other applications in Alberta, particularly in the upstream production of Oil & Gas.  Therefore, the TEMS technology has been configured to specifically take advantage of common place equipment in the Alberta economy, climate and geography.
The TEMS team is comprised of members currently working in Alberta with experience in business, engineering, design, water treatment, chemistry, environmental science and law.  The TEMS team has also drawn upon the expertise of other professionals (senior advisors) who have expressed an interest in the project and who have assisted in areas such as;
(a) Calculation of the net GHG emissions associated with the TEMS technology;
(b) Business development and financing strategies;