Our Team

Ross Maxwell, Eng., Chief Executive Officer, has over 30 years of operational and engineering design experience.  Previous CEO and integral to designing Mustus Energy Ltd.’s 41.5 MW biomass power generating facility. He won the PMI Atlanta 2011 Project of the year award for the Biomass Power Generating Project.  Ross has served on committees and sub committees for the GOA in energy and environment, and has lead teams in the installation and commissioning of projects valued up to $160 million.  He has managed day-to-day operations in existing facilities wherein he instigated design changes to improve the facility’s operations and initiated other programs in relation to environment and occupational health and safety.  Mr. Maxwell holds a number of patents in the oil, food and power sectors and has given talks on Green Energy production to a U.N. group in Malaysia (2004).

James Pfeifer, Business Development, with 24+ years’ experience in the oil and gas production and petrochemical industries, with client companies, engineering firms, and supplier and service level companies. His positions of responsibility have ranged from Control System’s Project Manager, Controls and Instrument Discipline Lead, product development and marketing, technical support and training, and service technician.
James’ fields of expertise include control and safety system design engineering and programming, SAGD, heavy oil extraction, gas and oil processing, chemical formation and storage facilities, sulphur extraction, and reciprocating and screw compressor applications from front end through to detailed engineering, plant startup and plant optimization.  He has a solid basis in field instrumentation and analytical equipment.
Accreditation’s include: RET (ASET Registered Engineering Technologist), FSEng (TÜV Functional Safety Engineer), and Alberta Journeymen Instrument Mechanic.

Alex Medina, CET, has managed industrial capital projects and engineering teams for about 10 years, in such roles as Chief Operating Officer, Project Manager, Construction Manager and Project Co-ordinator. He has provided leadership in oil & gas and Power generation plants for large and small companies, establishing and managing all   engineering and project management functions.

Costinel Paslaru, P.Eng., is Process Engineer with 30 years’ experience in design of  thermal heavy oil facilities, SAGD, oil and gas processing plant design and operation, refinery and petrochemical design and  processing as well as chemical research  in molecular sieves and emission reduction,  both in domestic and overseas markets

Jamie Nodrick, P.Eng., is a Mechanical Engineer with 20 years of experience in Corporate Development, Project Management and Engineering Management. He is a founding partner and former Chief Operating officer of Black Box Engineered Solutions Inc., providing Engineer and Procurement services for Oil & Gas facilities including participation in corporate stewardship and development in the energy sector, product development, upstream and downstream oil & gas, SAGD and chemical engineering industries

Brad Gilmour, MSc, LLP, has combined experience of 25 years in the environmental field.  He is a partner at a major law firm who practices in the areas of regulatory, environmental and First Nations law. He is recognized as a leading environmental lawyer in Chambers Canada and Chambers Global, Best Lawyers in Canada, and Expert/American Lawyer Guide to the Leading 500 Lawyers in Canada.

Kevin Kemball, P.Biol., Ph.D., Advisor, GHG offsets.  Dr. Kemball is a senior manager for a leading environmental consulting company based in Edmonton Alberta. Kevin has over 15 years of experience conducting environmental impact assessments, GHG quantifications and GHG project development.  Kevin has lead and coauthored two Alberta carbon offset protocols and developed and registered offset projects in Alberta that have resulted in over 1 million tonnes CO2e.